Cedric and Christine Cubelo Elsisura Wedding Prenup    
Cedric and Christine Elsisura Wedding Prenup    
Athena Madera Debut 18th Birthday | Save the Date | Tomas Dela Costa Sophia Lorraine Madera Debut Birthday | Bum Dela Costa Gasa Short Film Sinulog Festival | Dove Loyola
Athena Madera - 18th . Save the Date Debut SOPHIA LORRAINE 18th
Save The Date Video
GASA Short Film - Sinulog Film Festival Official Entry
Awardee for Best Child Performer & Nominee for Best Supporting Actor
SingPilipinas | Irish Buenaflor Mainit Lake Surigao Video Sunset Isla Cabana Resort Spa | Siargao | JM Libarnes
SINGPILIPINAS - 1st Videoke Championship & Concert Tour For Global Filipinos Lake Mainit
Surigao del Norte
Isla Cabana Resort Siargao Spa
Smile cebu Pacific Siargao behind the scene | Barbie Muhlach Siargao acoustic night | Manuel Wilmar Melindo Tungod Sa Kaayo Mo by Jingle Placencia | Sinulog Film Festival
Smile Cebu Pacific Siargao Acoustic Night Music Video: Tungod Sa Kaayo Mo
by Jingle Placencia
Gasa Short Film Sinulog Festival Teaser | Vincent Samson | Shaun Catubigan Mainit Hym | Mayor Crisanta Mondano Perfecto Pepe Consigo Surigao
Gasa Film Teaser Mainit Hym Pepe Consigo

Brings the art of videography to life, offering a range of services that elevate the storytelling of your most cherished moments. Specializing in capturing the essence of love and celebration, JM Libarnes is your go-to expert for wedding prenups, birthday debuts, and event teasers.

For weddings, JM Libarnes understands the significance of prenuptial moments. With a keen eye for romance and a passion for visual storytelling, each wedding prenup is meticulously crafted to showcase the unique love story of the couple. From intimate glances to shared laughter, every nuance is expertly captured, creating a timeless visual narrative.

Birthdays and debuts are celebrations of joy, and JM Libarnes is adept at turning these moments into cinematic experiences. The vibrant energy of birthdays and the elegance of debuts are skillfully documented, preserving the excitement and emotion for years to come.

JM Libarnes doesn't just capture events; they create anticipation with event teasers that serve as captivating glimpses into the magic awaiting guests. These teasers are a perfect blend of anticipation and excitement, setting the tone for a memorable event.

With a commitment to artistry and a dedication to storytelling, JM Libarnes ensures that each video is a unique reflection of the client's vision. Trust JM Libarnes to transform your special occasions into visually stunning masterpieces, allowing you to relive the magic over and over again.

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