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Secondary brands are those that are not the primary product of a company. They include exclusive designs and styles for various products. The concept of secondary brands is not new; it is as old as marketing itself. However, secondary brands have evolved to become much more than simple trademarks. Companies use them to promote their products and increase sales. Through packaging, marketing strategies and social media, secondary brands can effectively catch the attention of consumers.

The primary brand is the core of any business or product. It’s what differentiates your company or product from all others and attracts customers’ attention. A strong primary brand enhances customer loyalty and helps businesses expand their sales by creating strong associations with their products. Strong primary brands are recognizable, durable and distinctive— hence, they are also called “strong” brands. Strong primary brands are usually associated with prestigious companies that sell quality products. Secondary brands are similar to strong primary brands but tend to be less complex and distinctive. They include exclusive designs for various products such as shirts or shoes from a particular brand name. In contrast to strong primary brands, secondary brands are often associated with mass-market companies that produce numerous products at lower costs. Because of this, secondary brands can look generic when used by mass-market companies due to their low distinctiveness compared to exclusive secondary designs used by fine companies or individuals. Strong secondary branding strategies can distinguish a fine product from an inferior one through association with high quality products sold by reputable companies or people. Secondary branding can enhance sales by creating strong associations between the product owner and a particular design or style used in marketing campaigns. Companies that use strong secondary branding strategy typically invest in custom design work for promotional materials such as t-shirts, mugs and packaging boxes for their products. Strong secondary branding strategies can make mediocre products appear attractive through association with popular clothing styles or social media trends that appeal to consumers’ interests and tastes. Popular social media platforms such as Facebook allow companies to reach consumers directly through advertising promotions on popular social media pages using branded designs such as those for Coca-Cola or Starbucks coffee franchises . Besides advertising promotions , these platforms also allow users to create personal pages using their own favorite designs . Secondary branding strategies on social media websites help users identify which page they want to follow based on the look they want for their page . This increases sales since consumers easily purchase the items they want based on how they present themselves on these platforms . Using packaging materials such as bottles , tins , boxes , etc., businesses can present new ideas for their goods . Packaging materials act like window displays used in retail stores . Products displayed outside stores often have artwork , designs , etc., that draw customer attention away from the store windows . When potential customers walk past these displays, they see attractive merchandise inside the store window coupled with an appealing sound — music — playing from outside store windows . The combination of attractive merchandise coupled with an appealing sound — music — catches potential customers’ attention and draws them into stores . At first glance , this looks like what happens when potential customers pass by packaging materials used in marketing campaigns – potential customers’ attention is drawn away from the company logo label towards its product design instead . However , this type of "passing-by" marketing strategy is actually quite different because it uses passing by rather than looking directly at a company logo label first (such as happens when potential customers look directly at retail store windows ). Passing-by strategies work best when passing targets aren't aware of which business's package they're supposed to look at first (since this would interfere with any sales pitch ). To make this strategy work best, passing packages must look interesting enough so that potential customers will follow their "passing" lead instead of heading directly toward the next advertisement instead— which would be bad for business but good for selling advertisements!

As we can see, there is much more involved in using appropriate branding elements than just choosing one typeface.

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