by Radel Paredes .
August 5,2003 - Cebu Daily News

THE WAR in Iraq had just been over when artists belonging to the group thought of putting up a show that would vent their frusrations over the defeat of peace.

That synergy of pacifism and art resulted into this year's "Drowing Drowing 4," an exhibit of drawings and other works running until Aug. 10 at SM City Art Gallery. "Drowing Drowing 4" is a regular exhibit of Pusod, an active group of contemporary artists in the city.

Since the first "Drowing Drowing" in 1999, Pusod has used the show to democratize art by making the art works affordable to the public. This year's price ceiling is P5,000; so you can buy artworks from as low as P350! .Drawings, after all, are the most ....

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...evident that they, too, want to be artists like their parents. The works of famous artists done when they were kids are often more cherished by them than their later masterpieces. It's also interesting to see how the young artists look at war, or the mayhem that we grown-ups make.

As armed conflicts are the tragic routines that mark the collective human experience, the history of art is also full of examples of artworks inspired by war. From the Sumerian artists who glorify the military exploits of their kings, to Pablo Picasso's "Guernica," artists either celebrate the gains of war of attack its inherent evils.
The Pusod artists reflect this tradition of using war as a theme in art. Between the time they conceived of this show...
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PUSOD, The Open Organization of Cebu Visual Artists Inc.

2nd runner up - Graphic Expo 2003 - Digital Fine Art category

Title: Kinamot
Theme: War and Peace
Philippine Annual Digital Art Competition | JM Libarnes Digital Fine Art Category
Annual Digital Art Competition - Digital Fine Art Category
JM Libarnes Abstract Art | Art Against War
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